Alright, actual update.

I’ve basically been running around like a mental, trying to get my business kicked off. I have my website. I ordered my business cards. I set up my office. I still have to revise my business plan, actually build my website, and get clients though. I’ve also been searching for a day job… which has been pretty shite so far. No luck with that. The economy can suck it.

Other than all that stressful stuff, I’ve been pretty bored and lonely. I only know a handful of people here in Nashville, and I’ve yet to meet some new folks. So I sit at home in my apartment at night just entertaining myself.

It’s the weekend now though, so I plan to at least go out on Saturday and get my fix on drinks and bust a few moves… if my friends don’t wiener out because of the rain/snow.


  • I bought a few tickets to the U.S. vs. Paraguay match next month… really looking forward to that.
  • Just found out that we’re staying a night in Hawaii on our way to Australia & New Zealand. Looking forward to that as well. 
  • How am I supposed to wait until November for season 3 of Misfits? Heart broken.
  • It looks as though I’ll once again be Valentine-less. It’s a pretty depressing thing for a romantic like me. Doesn’t matter though… I have my wine.
  • I just realized this post turned out to be a lot less exciting than I had planned for it to be. Sorry guys. I’ll now take my nightly bath and try to sleep. G’night.