Reasons why I love Nashville…

  • The city. Big city with a small town feel.
  • The people. Everyone I’ve come into contact here are very hospitable and courteous. Such a change of pace from a city like LA.
  • The music. This is probably the only place that you can walk down the street and hear 6 different songs being played at a time. Though, country music isn’t my favorite, I’m open to it and I respect the genre. The indie scene is brilliant here, though.
  • The Nashville Predators. They’ve sucked me in since I’ve moved here and now they’re my favorite for life. It’s cool having the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Sounds, too… although I’m a Giants fan and baseball is my lease favorite sport.
  • The guys. Who doesn’t like cute Southern boys? Well, me, apparently… but they’re charming and quite cute. I like down to earth folks. As long as they’re not wearing a cowboy hat.
  • I live downtown. I can walk out my door and have a beer, go out to dinner, read by the river in the green grass, go to a concert or go for a run around Titans Stadium. I never use my car anymore.
  • It’s close to home (Alabama), my friends, family and my football team (Roll Tide!).
  • I live in a really sick loft that’s twice the size of my STUDIO apartment in LA and I pay $400 LESS. Just ridiculous that I ever tried living there, haha.
  • It honestly just feels like home.

I’m just writing this because it’s quite rare that I ever feel this way about a place. For the past 4 years, I’ve been unable to settle down and unsatisfied with any place that I lived. I finally feel at home here… and it feels nice. :)